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The finishing of the 90minutes arthouse-version of the butterfly stories is getting closer. At the moment, music composer Theo Krieger is working on the soundtrack of the exciting project about people and butterflies.

BUTTERFLY WORLDS        5 x 14 Minutes ZDF, Germany
Butterfly Worlds is a mini-series of five short documentaries about people and butterflies. We filmed in six countries on four continents.
First we travelled to Ecuador, later on to Thailand, Austria, USA, Mexico and England.

1. Moth hunting in the rainforests of Thailand & Ecuador
Ten years ago, Thomas Ihle emigrated from Germany to Thailand. He makes a living by hunting moths and other insects. We follow Thomas on an expedition to the jungle of Thailand. We also tell the story of Belén Mena, a young designer from Quito, Ecuador. Belén is inspired by the incredible variety of jungle moths and created a breath taking design-look and book called PACHANGA.

2. The Monarchs arrive!   USA / Mexico
Every year, a new generation of Monarch Butterflies makes an unbelievable journey across the North American continent. Millions of the tiny insects fly two thousand miles and more from the Great Lakes at the US/Canadian border to a few valleys of Central Mexico where they survive the winter in big clusters on the branches of the Oyamel trees. We follow their trip from Chicago across the Midwest and Texas to the sanctuary of El Rosario. International experts comment along the path on the amazing abilities oft these unique flight acrobats.

3. The passion of collecting butterflies   Austria / Germany
Collecting dead butterflies was a fashion for a long time. Meanwhile it´s not common any longer and doesn´t look politically correct. In Vienna we met two collectors of butterflies. Dr. Martin Lödls started as a young boy with the collecting and hunting of butterflies. Today he works in the Natural History Museum of Vienna, one of the most charming places of Europe.
In a less enthusiastic way Dr. Hildegard Winkler sees the collection of butterflies. In the third generation, she runs an insect shop in the old part of Vienna. With a lot of charm and the typical sarcasm of Vienna she makes her comments on the „passion of collecting.“

4. Fine Threads, Thailand
Eight thousand silk worms die in their cocoons for one rope of silk. We show the process of a handcraft that was developed a few thousand years ago in China. The silk production starts with very hungry caterpillars and a couple of farmers in the northeast of Thailand. Three times daily, they feed the insects with fresh mulberry leaves. Later, we have a look inside a factory with weavers, designers and other people who create the finest fabrics. An amazing success story oft he fascinating natural fabric silk.

5. Inspired by Nature, Great Britain
Bionic or biomimetics is a technique where scientists and engineers use nature as a model and inspiration. In three different stories we show that even moths and butterflies are used as a model for new technologies.  
The most impressive research takes place in England at two of the most famous universities in the world: Oxford and Cambridge.
The „Silk Group“ around Prof. Fritz Vollrath analyses the silk production of spiders and silk worms, the „Flight Group“ around Dr. Richard Bomphrey sends moths in a wind channel whereas in Cambridge the physicist Uli Steiner and his team do research on optical phenomena of the wings of a Morpho butterfly.

Written & Directed by Christoph Schuch
Camera: Philip Flaemig ( Thailand, Austria)
            Marcus Lenz ( USA, Mexico, Ecuador, England & Germany)
Tobias Schinko ( USA, Thailand, Austria)
Christopher Zahlten ( Mexico, England)
Film Editor:
Stefan Heintzenberg
Executive Producer:
Silvia Menzel, ZDF-info
Produced by Christoph Schuch AVANTI-FILM  2012


Our Voice

Our Voice tells the story of a fascinating tool: Our Voice. The film takes you to a journey into your own body, to laboratories, concert halls and recording studios.
We can see and hear some famous singers like David Bowie and the traditional Thomaner Choir from Leipzig.
The 30 Minutes Documentation was realized for the science program hitec of 3sat in cooperation with my brother Thomas Schuch (Picture and Production) and the conductor Thomas Hanelt (Screenplay).
Director: Christoph Schuch
Script: Thomas Hanelt, Co-Author: Christoph Schuch
Camera: Thomas Schuch
Sound: Roby Güver, Mounir Daoubi
Editing: Petra Bereuter
Animation: Upstart! Media, Andrei Kramer
Production: giacomo-film,
Commissioning Editor: Catrin Powell zdf,3sat

Big bang in Tunguska

At 07.17 a.m. on 30 June 1908, the largest explosion recorded in human history reverberated round the planet. The force of the explosion was two thousand times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb. A woodland area the size of Luxemburg was destroyed in the Siberian taiga.
But: There was´nt any crater. So this documentary reveals the latest and most controversial theories from Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. Science meets Monty Python, Adventure meets Poetry.
50 Minutes
Script: Ute Mügge-Lauterbach and Christoph Schuch
Director: Christoph Schuch
Supported by Christopher Zahlten
Camera: Philip Flämig
Sound: Hans Warth
Editing: Stefan Heintzenberg
Music: Georg Reichelt
Special Effects: Upstart! Media
Production: Halbtotal Film Andrzej Klamt & his Team,
Editorial Staff: Catrin Powell
Scientific Advisor: Christoph Brenneisen
Narrator: Andrew Solomon

Self-Made Paradise

A road movie through the world of Finnish artists
A sunny late summer in Finland is the backdrop for this road trip into the wondrous world of five Finish men. All of them are friendly, entertaining and wise self-made artists. Director Christoph Schuch (Der Traum ist Aus) and sound assistant Peter Carstens visit them in their red Ford Mustang.
84 Min.
Finnish with English or German subtitles
Script and Direction: Christoph Schuch
Camera: Marcus Lenz
Sound: Peter Carstens
Editing: Eva Voosen
Music: Georg Reichelt + Alexander Sonntag
Production: Avanti-Film
Supported by the „Hessischen Filmförderung“ and the „Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen“

Spiritual Feasts

The riders´pilgrimage of San Pedro
How do Europeans celebrate their religion at the beginning of the 21. century?
This is the quest that Christoph Schuch and co-author Susanne Binninger undertake.
The pilot for the ARTE-Series „European Faces“ tells the story of Manuel Cerdan and his horse pilgrimage in the religious and geographical heart of Spain.
Camera: Marcus Lenz
Sound: Peter Carstens
Editing: Heike Müller
Musik: Stefan Varga
Production: U 5 Filmproduktion
Commissioning Editor: Ann-Kathrin Hornberger

Constructions of the past –

Stilwerk Hamburg
Christoph Schuch and the BILDSCHÖN FILMPRODUKTION realized a documentary for NDR / ARTE about the history of an unusual building in the harbour of Hamburg. The film tells the story of the remodelling of a brewery into an exciting shopping mall for design fans. The documentation shows also the great changes in the harbour area of Hamburg Altona.
Camera: Uli Fischer
Steadycam: Richard Kubisch
Editing: Andrea Stabenow
Commisisoning Editor: Christiane Hinz

Gardens in the Rhine Valley

Togeher with his brother Thomas (Camera) Christoph Schuch presents a collection of the most beautiful gardens along the river Rhine of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. A sunny mixture of historical and contemporary gardens, nice markets and art projects. This film for SWR Mainz is part of an international series of eight pieces.
Editing: Stefan Heinzenberg
Music: Georg Reichelt
Comissioning Editor: Achim Streit
Production Company: Ilona Grundmann Filmproduction

The Dream is Gone

The rock band TON STEINE SCHERBEN and their fans dreamt of a classless society.
What is left of those dreams and the "68 generation" ideals?
How do rock or hip hop bands with a critical view work in the Germany of today?
Book & production: Christoph Schuch, camera: Thomas Schuch, sound: Jörg Möbus, Philip Gnadt, editing: Christoph Schuch, Sven Ritzkowski.
35 mm, 92 minutes, 2001
-> more information

21st Century Garden Art

The garden is the interface between culture and nature. For centuries gardens have bred a plethora of secrets and stories. They have a variety of functions and associations. What is the role of the garden in a rapidly transforming society at the beginning of the 21st century? As author and director, Christoph Schuch, together with Ilona Grundmann Filmproduction (Wiesbaden), portrays pioneering contemporary garden designers & garden artists for the German-French television channel Arte.
-> more information under '21st Century Garden Art'

Namibia - Return to a New Country

Accompanies young Namibian girls of nursery school age through different cultures. After a war refugee stay in the GDR, they found an Ossiclub in Windhoek.
Book: Thomas and Christoph Schuch, camera: Janne Busse, music: Stefan Varga.
16 mm, 85 minutes, 1997


Paints a portrait of the farmer Frank Kranz, who flees urban insularity to immerse himself in the glittery worlds of fashion and chanson in a variety of different cities throughout the world.
Camera: Janne Busse, music: Rachel Morrison.
35mm, black and white,15 minutes, 1996

The Reading King

Paints a portrait over several months of a campaign to promote reading. At the end one of the participant school pupils is crowned as the reading king.
Camera: Christoph Schuch.
Video, 32 minutes, 1995

Shadow of the Forest

Tells the story of the largest European primeval forest, the Puszca Bialowieza, on the border between Poland and White Russia in poetic pictures. The story stands for the moving history of Poland.
Camera: Andreas Giesecke, musik: Stefan Varga.
16mm, 28 minutes, 1994

Images of Death

Deals with the motif of death in modern art. The Frankfurt am Main Museum for Modern Art collection provides the focus for this meticulously-shot, very compact film about the work of Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol, Christian Boltanski, Gerhard Richter and Arnulf Reiner.
Camera: Uli Andreé, music: Einstürzende Neubauten, etc.
Beta SP, 47 minutes, 1992
Jean-Christophe Amman: This film preoccupied us long after it was over. Image, spoken word, music, running texts are so sensitive and vividly tuned that in retrospect we only remembered the effect the images of death triggered off in us.

Heart Matters

Is a short film about women who have been left by pop stars. A tragicomic subject in black and white.
With Gaby Krier, Michaela Hofmann and Michael Chauvistré. Camera: Christoph Schuch.
16mm, 10 minutes, 1991

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