An Award for BUTTERFLY STORIES from Italy!

At the End of August we´ve got this good news from the Italien Aosta Valley:
"Fondation Grand Paradis is pleased to inform you that your work Butterfly Stories, which was selected for the XVIII edition of the Gran Paradiso Film Festival, has won the Prize Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso awarded by the Jury on the following grounds: freshness and boldness of the theme, high quality of the script and dramatic buildup of characters, all of which creates a magical interweaving of man and nature, drawing connections between human paths and butterfly migrations."
We say: mille grazie to Italy!
Trailer and Infos: www.butterflystories.de  


Christoph Schuch is happy to announce his collaboration with the german broadcasters ZDF, SWR, ARTE and HR for new documentaries in 2014 and 2015. Even interesting is his work with MESSE FRANKFURT, the Goethe University in Frankfurt, the Nature Reserve Center Bensheim/ Bergstraße and the Regionalpark Rhein Main.

CAFÉ EUROPA the documentary about a continent in crisis

CAFÉ EUROPA the project started at the end of may in Frankfurt and it continuos in Lisbon.
AND 90minutes Film BUTTERFLY STORIES ist part of the Intern. Film Festival in Kansas, USA on th 8th of October 2013.

The fifths long documentary of AVANTI-FILM started in Germany.
And BUTTERFLY STORIES, the fourth long film of AVANTI-FILM is invited to the competition of the two biggest nature film festivals in Germany.
On the 27th of September is the premiere in one of the most beautiful cinemas of Germany, the CALIGARI in Wiesbaden. We start at 8pm and a great part of our team will be there.
Trailer and Infos: www.butterflystories.de  


CAFÉ EUROPE - About the crisis of our continent.

It took a long time, now the film BUTTERFLY STORIES is ready.
We filmed in Ecuador, Mexico, The United States of America, Thailand, Austria and Germany.
International Distribution:
Butterfly Worlds 5 x 10 Minutes from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge to the jungles of Ecuador and Thailand.


On TV in Germany:
21 century garden art - again, again on the screen now in a private channel.
BUTTERFLY WORLDS        5 x 14 Minutes ZDF, Germany
Butterfly Worlds is a mini-series of five short documentaries about people and butterflies. We filmed in six countries on four continents.
First we travelled to Ecuador, later on to Thailand, Austria, USA, Mexico and England.
The series was co-produced by the ZDF and broadcasted 2012 at ZDFinfo.



Autumn / Winter 2010

In the last weeks I have had this „back to the roots feeling“ during my shootings in the meadows of the Rhein-Main-Region. For the exhibition „Landscape on a second view“ I am producing a short documentary about the microcosmos of the region around Frankfurt. The miracle of the butterfly metamorphosis is a great connection to my next 90 minutes documentary BUTTERFLY WORLDS.
The film will be a magical trip into the world of the Butterflies and tell the story of people with a strong and mostly unusual relationship to the small animals.
This project is ready to take off, after I have found now with the ZDF another partner to realize the shootings in Europe and oversea.


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